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Giganplast is a plastic moulding industry, specialised in the production of articles used in the food industry and horeca, and in recycling bins
for separate waste collection.

company story

Giganplast was founded in the 1950s by Francesco Gigante, who exploited the potential of plastic to create an innovative business at the moment. From a simple basement, Giganplast has evolved into a company with about 130 employees, until the automation of plastics molding machines enabled the automatic execution of the production operations. At the beginning of the 1960s Giganplast moulded the first isotactic polypropilene basins using IMI’s injection machines. Engineer Mr. Natta (Italian Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963) tested the samples in the laboratory of Milan Politecnico University, Today, Giganplast produces around 6,000 items a day, our warehouse surface measures 9,000 m2, with a 90% presence in the Italian market and 10% in the foreign market, with the goal of expanding our global presence.

the company

Since more than 60 year Giganplast is the leader in the market of production of plastic items for food industry, hospitality, catering and separate waste collection. Using last generation technologies and certified polymers, which allow us to produce with high and constant qualitative standards, Giganplast creates products made with raw materials of first choice, with a modern and functional line, in compliance with anti-Toxic rules. Our dynamic and capillary sales network is composed of a professional and qualified staff, that is able to answer to all requests and needs, resulting in an ideal partner for Italian and foreign customers. Giganplast also provides a stock-warehouse that guarantees the prompt execution of orders in a short time, in order to meet all customers needs.

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